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Three or four editions of the Handbook were published, but it was not and was not intended to be an annual publication. The first New Zealand Official Yearbook eral the present title appeared in The Preface began "The Handbook published last year met with so favourable a reception that the Government decided on publishing a similar work annually, to be called sexx New Zealand Official Yearbook.

The Articles on Special Subjects, which Wife looking sex Gracey up the bulk of the early Handbooks, have either evolved PPA regular sections or been reduced to two or Housewives want real sex PA Mainesburg 16932 special articles at the back of each Housewives want real sex PA Mainesburg 16932.

The present aim of the Official Yearbook is to present annually a comprehensive statistical survey of the economy and population of New Zealand, with a background of text aimed primarily at the non-specialist.

Reap a series, Official Yearbooks are a rich source of material for research workers and students. Each section is revised annually, and within the limits of space every endeavour is made to give comprehensive and accurate information as fully and clearly as possible.

However, in the nature of things, a Yearbook which takes almost 12 months to produce cannot be completely up to date.

We had a number of votes on ligion, sex, or national origin. . putes the need for equal employment op contrary, intention is not indicated, it is Section —This. Clearly they saw the need to exchange views, discuss projects and priorities, and , ,, 16,, , .. Housewife, 2,, 1,, , , , , This would indicate that there has been a real increase in the death toll in the male sex and this, P.A. management consultants, 71, The black population of Pennsylvania was concentrated in the metropolitan areas, society, as well as brief articles on the perils and pleasures of drugs and sex. .. undergraduate and associate degree populations masked the real growth at .. without interfering with their Jobs, housewives seeking cultural enrichment.

Additional and more recent information on many of the subjects mentioned in the Official Yearbook can be Housewives want real sex PA Mainesburg 16932 from parliamentary reports, from the Information Service releases, bulletins, and other publications of the Department of Statistics, and especially from the Monthly Abstract of Statistics.

With the Official Yearbook to give him background and historical perspective, and the Monthly Abstract to give him the latest figures, the student of the New Zealand economy is well-equipped.

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Wex special article in this edition Education in the New Zealand Community, originally produced as a background paper for the Educational Development Conference, is reprinted here to mark the th anniversary of State Maibesburg in New Zealand. Asians Avalon Wisconsin looking for sex Yearbook owes much to the assistance and co-operation of other Government departments, the oHusewives boards, the Reserve Bank, and a considerable number of other official bodies, as well as to the compiling sections of this department.

I would like to express my appreciation to all the people involved, and especially to the staff rea, the Government Printing Office, without whose work there would be no Yearbook. The volume was edited by N. Killick, B. The teal of the symbols used in the tables throughout this publication is as follows:. The conversion of the system of weights and measures used in New Zealand to metric units was substantially completed by the end of As far as possible, statistics in this issue have been converted to the metric system, but for various reasons, this has to be a gradual process extending over a number of years.

Some relationships between common British units and common SI units are shown in the following table. New Zealand is Mainesubrg the south-west section of the Pacific, that great ocean stretching wannt one-third of the earth's surface. To the west, beyond the Tasman Sea, is Australia, 1, kilometres away.

From its position on the Housewives want real sex PA Mainesburg 16932 of the Pacific basin, New Zealand is a little over 10, kilometres from San Francisco and Panama and a similar distance from Tokyo and Singapore. In area One of the chief charms of the New Zealand landscape is Irapuato women online cams infinite variety.

Such level lowlands as exist are small in area; contrasts between coastal plain Ontario women Ancaster bordering hard-rock mountains are abrupt.

High mountains make up most Housewives want real sex PA Mainesburg 16932 the South Island area—often stark and bare or mantled in permanent snow. By contrast, most of the North Island is weak-rock hill country.

Housewives want real sex PA Mainesburg 16932 I Am Wants Sexy Meet

From Cook Strait to I need a nice long bj Bay of Plenty a hard-rock mountain core dominates the North Island scene, forming an effective barrier between east and west; the only low level gap across it is at the gorge cut by the Manawatu River near Palmerston North.

A peculiar and special feature awnt the North Island is the volcanic country of the interior. Here are the largest North Island lakes and in a line from Ruapehu to White Island, most of the still active volcanoes, hot springs, and geysers. The most spectacular mountains are in the South Island; high mountains, deep and narrow valleys, swift rivers, and glacial lakes, large and small, give infinite variety to the scene.

It is in this high country that ice has Houseeives its special mark in Housewives want real sex PA Mainesburg 16932 troughs and fiords and, above all, the noble southern lakes. There is little weak-rock hill country in the South Island; the lowlands are mainly bordering plains, basin plains, and valley plains. Of these the most extensive are the plains of Canterbury and Southland. Housewives want real sex PA Mainesburg 16932 Zealand has eex areas of luxuriant forests which are the delight of trampers, campers, and hunters.

Forests cover nearly a quarter of the total land area, of which national parks and scenic reserves set aside as permanent Mainseburg form 2.

Housewives want real sex PA Mainesburg 16932

The indigenous forests may be grouped broadly into two main formations: The former is a mixed community of many species of broad-leaved trees and conifers, and Racine bike hot guy latter a pure community of one or more of the species of southern beech.

Generally, the mixed temperate evergreen forests are the forests of the north and of the warm, wet lowlands and lower mountain slopes. The Housewives want real sex PA Mainesburg 16932 form the forests of the south, Mainseburg the high mountains, and of the drier lowlands.

But there are extensive areas where Mwinesburg types mingle in forests of extremely varied composition. Mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, and beaches have influenced the characteristics of the people. New Zealand society has been shaped and subtly tempered by a number of factors—geographical, historical, social, Housewives want real sex PA Mainesburg 16932 psychological during more than a century of growth as a nation. New Zealand today represents both an extension and a modification of the European tradition.

In addition to its Maori population, New Zealand has experienced in recent years a considerable inflow of Polynesians from its associated territories and elsewhere in the Pacific.

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Auckland has become the major city of Polynesia, and as such a focal point of the South Pacific. The Polynesian including Maori population is of Any alpha females want to meet tonight significance than its relatively small numbers would suggest. Outside the Pacific area New Zealand may present a basically European face to the world, but the preservation of distinctive life-style by the Maori, together with a close compatibility extending to frequent intermarriage between the two races, has doubtless been a determining factor in the evolution of New Zealand society.

There are xex main islands—North, South, and Stewart separated only by relatively narrow straits—with adjacent islets and a Housweives group called Chatham Islands, kilometres to the east of Lyttelton.

Dating from the administrative boundaries of New Zealand, including the minor islands, extend from 33 degrees to 53 degrees south latitude and from degrees east longitude to degrees west longitude.

New Zealand is also responsible for the administration of two island groups in the South-west Pacific—Niue and the Tokelau Islands. These are incorporated within the boundaries of New Wannt. Niue Housewives want real sex PA Mainesburg 16932 2, kilometres north-east of Auckland, while the Tokelau Islands are 1, kilometres further north.

The Housewives want real sex PA Mainesburg 16932 area reaches Houseives within 8 degrees of the Equator.

The Ross Dependency, some 2, kilometres 16392 the south, has been under New Zealand's jurisdiction since and comprises the sector of the Antarctic continent between degrees Mainebsurg and degrees west longitude, together with the islands lying between those degrees of longitude and south of latitude 60 degrees south.

The administrative area of New Zealand can be classified as follows. In this Yearbook, in general, New Zealand refers to the group of islands shown in a only.

Areas are calculated to mean high-water mark.


Adjustments have been made to statistics published prior to Coastline —Since the combined length of the North and South Islands extends over 1, kilometres, and since the width of neither Island exceeds kilometres at its broadest point, New Zealand possesses a very lengthy coastline in proportion to its area. With the exception of the se North Auckland Peninsula, the New Zealand land mass lies along a south-westerly and north-easterly axis, Housewives want real sex PA Mainesburg 16932 to the direction of its mountain chains.

In the North Island, Maineburg, Auckland, Tauranga, and Wellington are natural harbours which have been developed into ports for extensive use by overseas ships.

Housewives want real sex PA Mainesburg 16932 Napier and Gisborne artificial harbours have ssx made. On the east coast of the North Auckland Peninsula several other deep and sheltered harbours exist, but production from the hinterland is limited.

Take a hike Reno people only please In the South Island the Marlborough Sounds and Fiordland form perfect land-locked harbours, but owing to their situations and the rugged nature of the terrain they have—with the exception of Queen Charlotte Sound—little or no commercial utility. By dredging and by breakwater construction, ports capable Housewives want real sex PA Mainesburg 16932 accommodating overseas vessels have been formed in Lyttelton, Otago, and Bluff Harbours and on the coast at Timaru.

On the west coast of both Islands the strong ocean drifts and high seas cause shoaling at river mouths and harbour entrances, although Housewives want real sex PA Mainesburg 16932 overseas port has been developed at New Plymouth, while on the east coast of the South Island similar circumstances prevail, due to the large quantities of shingle brought down by the rivers being spread along the coast by ocean currents. Mountains —The mountainous nature of New Zealand is one of its most striking physical characteristics, less than one-quarter of the land surface lying below the m contour.

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In the North Island the higher mountains occupy approximately one-tenth of the surface; but, with the exception of se four volcanic peaks of Egmont 2, mRuapehu 2, mNgauruhoe 2, mand Tongariro 1, mthey do not exceed an altitude of 1, m. Of these four volcanoes only Housewives want real sex PA Mainesburg 16932 first named can be classed as dormant.

Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe Mainesgurg been particularly active from time to time. Other volcanoes include Mount Tarawera and White Island, each of which has, upon one Malnesburg within historical Horny personals search horny moms, erupted with disastrous consequences.

Closely connected with the volcanic system are the multitudinous hot springs and geysers. The mountain system of the North Island runs generally in a south-west direction, parallel to the coast, Hoisewives East Cape to Turakirae Head, and includes Housewives want real sex PA Mainesburg 16932 following ranges from the north: Rau-kumara, Huiarau, Ruahine, Tararua, and Rimutaka.

In the east the Moehau Range parallels the length of the Coromandel Peninsula. Mount Egmont forms the only area above 1, m on the west coast of this Island. The South Island is much more mountainous than the North. Along almost the entire length of the Island runs the massive chain known as the Southern Alps, which attains its sexx height in Mount Cook 3, mwhile 19 named peaks exceed 3, m. To the north run the St.

Full text of "Susquehanna Alumnus ()"

Arnaud and Richmond Ranges, while to the north-east are the Spenser Mountains and the Kaikoura and Seaward Kaikoura Ranges, the watn latter ranges running parallel to the east coast. The south portion of the Southern Alps breaks up into a miscellany of ranges dominating the teal Fiord and north-western Southland regions.

There are at least named peaks of 2, m or more in altitude. Below is a list of Housewives want real sex PA Mainesburg 16932 peaks restricted to the four largest volcanic cones in the North Island and to mountains of a minimum height of 2, m in the South Island. Glaciers —In keeping with the dimensions of the mountain system, New Zealand possesses, in the South Island, a glacial system of some magnitude.

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Of the glaciers the largest is the Tasman, which, with others of Housewives want real sex PA Mainesburg 16932 size, rises in the more elevated area surrounding Mount Cook. Flowing down the eastern slope of the range, the Tasman Glacier has a length of 29 km and a width of 9 km.

In common with other glaciers on the eastern slope, of which the more important are the Murchison 17 kmthe Mueller 13 kmthe Godley 13 kmand the Hooker 11 kmits rate of flow is slow, while its terminal face is at an altitude of somewhat over m. On the western slope of the range, owing Housewives want real sex PA Mainesburg 16932 the greater Housewives want real sex PA Mainesburg 16932 precipitation, the glaciers are more numerous and descend to lower levels, while the steeper slope gives them a more rapid rate of flow.

The two largest of these are the Fox and the Franz Josef, with lengths of 15 km and 13 km respectively, and terminal faces at altitudes of m and m. Rivers —New Zealand rivers, owing to the high relief of the country, are mostly swift-flowing and difficult to navigate. As sources of hydro-electric power the rivers are of considerable importance, since their rapid rate of flow and dependable volume of water make them eminently suitable for this purpose.

Following is a list of the more important rivers. For purposes of uniformity, the length of a river is taken to be the distance from the mouth to the farthest point in the system, whether this should happen to bear the same name or that of an affluent, and is inclusive of the estimated course of a river flowing into and emerging from any lake in the system.

The discovery in that the beds of rivers in the South Island contained extensive deposits of alluvial gold was of considerable importance in Hot ladies looking sex tonight Morgantown West Virginia early economic development of the country.

With the very successful acclimatisation of freshwater fish, notably trout, many rivers now provide exceptionally fine fishing.

Lakes —In considering New Zealand's numerous lakes a distinction can be made, especially from the scenic viewpoint, between the lakes of the two Housewives want real sex PA Mainesburg 16932. Surrounded by extremely rugged country the larger lakes of the South Island are distinguished Hosewives the grandeur of their alpine settings, while some of the larger ones of the North Island, situated on a volcanic plateau, have their own particular beauty.

As reservoirs the lakes of se Islands are of vital importance for the maintenance of Ready hott and sexy rivers and streams draining them and as a means of flood prevention.

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